About us

Company specializing in :

The sale of Magic The Gathering products and supplies for Trading card Game

The organization of Magic The Gathering events and tournaments in the Wizards Play Network.

La Citadelle Des Jeux has been created in late 2014 to develop Card Games, Board Games in French and English language and also gaming supplies and collectors products.

After 4 years of activity in Begnins, the store move to Nyon in July 1st, 2019 with more space to oragnize Magic The Gathering games.

Our goal is to be responsive in dealing with your requests and your orders.

We are not far from your phone, facebook or your text message (email, SMS or Whatsapp).

Daily shipping thanks to the proximity of the post office close to our store.

Main Retail Store and Online sales

La Citadelle Des Jeux - F. Gau

Route de Saint-Cergue 303

CH-1260 Nyon


+41 22 525 68 11

+41 77 223 02 00