Terms and conditions of sale

On erroneous interpretation, only the French version shall prevail. 


Article 1 - Scope

1.1 It is specified that the present conditions govern the sale of all products in the online store La Citadelle Des Jeux - F. Gau www.lacitadelledesjeux.ch on our website and you can contact us by email at citadellemagic@gmail.com

1.2 These conditions apply to the exclusion of all other conditions, notably those in force for sales in physical store open to the public.

1.3 These conditions are concluded between, firstly, La Citadelle Des Jeux - F. Gau hereinafter called "the vendor" registered in the commercial register of the Canton of Vaud (Switzerland), and secondly, individuals or legal hereinafter "the customer or buyer 'wishing to purchase via our website.

1.4 All services and deliveries made on the basis of the products of our web site are governed by these Terms and Conditions.

By placing an order, the buyer acknowledges having read, understood and accepted without reservation.

Consequently, any buyer wishing to order online, is fully aware of the fact that its agreement on the content of these conditions does not require the handwritten signature of this document.

1.5 The seller accepts no divergent conditions on the part of the buyer and reserves the right to modify at any time these terms and conditions by publishing without delay a new version. Any order placed after the publication of a new version is considered acceptance of the latter.



Article 2 - Creating an account on our website

2.1 The buyer must register and open a personal account to place an order.

2.2 It ensures the accuracy of the data provided during registration, in case of error in the wording of his address, the seller cannot be held responsible for failure to deliver the products ordered.

2.3 In case of change of address or other changes, the buyer undertakes to update their personal data as soon as possible.

2.4 The purchaser undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of the password chosen during registration and not disclose it to any third party. It assumes all responsibility of using his password and all orders that are placed, even unknowingly, using this password.

2.5 The buyer must be an adult. Minor children must obtain parental permission and notify the seller. People under guardianship must require the consent of their guardian or the guardianship authority.

2.6 For a legal entity, the documents attesting will be needed, final registration shall be subject to the agreement of the seller.



Article 3 - Data protection

3.1 Seller agrees not to disclose to third parties the information you provide. They are confidential and will not be communicated or transferred to third parties not involved in its activity.

3.2 The information asked to the buyer is required to process the order and will be communicated exclusively to the vendor partners in order to process and execute validated and paid orders. They will also be used by its internal services to enhance and personalize the communication and supply of products and services reserved for customers of the seller, in particular by the seller newsletters.

3.3 Accordingly, you have a right of access, rectification and opposition to personal data about you. To do this we simply make the request by mail or email, indicating your name, address and customer reference.

3.4 Our site is also designed to be particularly attentive to the needs of our customers. That's why we use cookies. The cookie is designed to indicate your presence on our site. Cookies are therefore used by the vendor to improve the personalized service that is for you.



Article 4 - Prices

4.1 The prices of our products are indicated in Swiss Francs including VAT, excluding the processing and shipping. The information is subject to technical changes, errors and typos and can be changed at any time.

4.2 In case of orders to countries outside Switzerland, shipping costs will be linked to the geographical area of ​​destination, the billing address must necessarily be in one of the areas proposed on our site. The buyer is the importer of the products concerned will be charged VAT in force in Switzerland. Customs duties, other local taxes and delivery, import duties, state taxes may be payable. These rights and sums are not the responsibility of the seller. They are the responsibility of the purchaser and under its full responsibility in terms of declarations and payments to the competent authorities and bodies of his country. We advise you to inquire about these aspects with your local authorities.

4.3 All orders, whatever their origin, are payable in Swiss Francs.

4.4 The seller reserves the right to change prices and participation fee for processing, packaging and shipping at any time but the products will be billed based on rates in effect at the time of order entry subject availability.

4.5 The products remain the property of the seller until full payment.

4.6 Minimum Order: We set a minimum purchase of 10 Swiss francs excluding shipping for all orders.



Article 5 - Orders

5.1 Orders can be recorded by Internet on our website, by email, mail or phone.

5.2 The terms and conditions are presented in French. The site is available in French and English. The English language is for information only and erroneous interpretation, only the French version is binding.

5.3 The seller reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over payment of a previous order.

5.4 Any order implies acceptance of prices and descriptions of products available for sale on the day of the order.

5.5 Photos are not contractual and are for illustrative purposes. For more information about a product, please contact us by email or telephone.

5.6 The price offers are valid only within the limits of available stocks.

5.7 The seller reserves the right to change prices at any time.

5.8 The seller agrees to fulfill orders received only while supplies last. If no stock available, the seller will inform the buyer and provide him as soon as possible.

5.9 The seller reserves the right to cancel and refund any order; no compensation is possible for the buyer.

5.10 Orders are not final until they are confirmed by settlement of the price by the purchaser. At no time, payments cannot be considered as a deposit or installments.

5.11 Any modification or cancellation of the order by the purchaser cannot be taken into account and the amount paid will not be refunded.

5.12 In case of out of stock at the seller or at one of its suppliers and the inability to deliver the item ordered within 8 weeks, the seller reserves the right to cancel the order and make payment complete missing items. The seller reserves the right to cancel and refund any order, no compensation is possible for the buyer.

5.13 The seller cannot accept any claim on a parcel not received over a period of five weeks following his expedition.



Article 6 - Validation of orders and electronic signature

6.1 When you check the acceptance of these terms and conditions at the end of the order process, you accept it as the entirety of these terms and conditions fully and without reservation.

6.2 The "click" of the buyer constitutes an electronic signature which has, between the parties, the same value as a handwritten signature.

6.3 The data recorded by the Seller constitute proof of all transactions made by the vendor and its customers.

6.4 The data recorded by the payment system constitutes proof of financial transactions.



Article 7 - Order Confirmation

7.1 The contractual information will be confirmed by email no later than the time of delivery.



Article 8 - Payment

8.1 The items ordered by the buyer must be paid before delivery and before shipping.

8.2 The seller provides the buyer the ability to pay by means of payment methods offered by bank transfer and / or our partner PostFinance PostFinance Card, PostFinance e-finance, Visa-type credit cards or Mastercard).

Our bank details are given below:

International Bank Account Number - IBAN: CH18 0900 0000 1465 5721 9

Bank Identifier Code - BIC: POFICHBEXXX

Owner Account - Account Holder: The Citadel's Games - F. Gau, Rue de la Croix, CH-1269 Bassins, Switzerland

8.3 The items remain the property of the seller until full payment of the price.

8.4 The buyer guarantees the seller that he has the necessary authorizations to use the payment method chosen by himself, while validating the order.

8.5 The seller reserves the right to suspend any order and any delivery in case of refusal to authorize payment by credit card from certified financial institution or in case of non-payment of the order.

8.6 Seller specifically reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or to honor an order coming from a buyer who has not fully paid an order or with whom a dispute is underway.

8.7 The vendor has implemented an order check-out procedure to insure no one is using the bank details of another person without his knowledge. The seller reserves the right to use this procedure in case of doubt about the legitimacy of the client. As part of this audit, it will ask the client to send by email a copy of an identification paper with a proof of address. The order will be confirmed after receipt and verification by us of parts delivered.

8.8 In exceptional case of payment of the invoice after delivery (prior arrangement), the products delivered remain the property of the seller until payment is not received.



Article 9 - Payment Security

9.1 Our site is the subject of a secured payment by our bank, PostFinance.

9.2 Credit card details are not stored on our site and we are not communicated.



Article 10 - Availability of products

10.1 The order will be executed no later than within 48 hours (working days) from the date when the buyer placed his order within the limits of available stocks.

10.2 In case of unavailability of the ordered product, especially because of our suppliers, the buyer will be informed at the earliest and will be able to cancel his order.

10.3 The buyer will have the option of requesting either a refund of amounts paid into his account (no refund in cash unless payment via Visa and MasterCard) within five days at the latest from the information the seller, or exchange the product, the application must then be made by email.

10.4 Special conditions apply to trading cards to the unit as Magic The Gathering, they are real stock in case of unavailability of the order may be canceled and refunded, no compensation will be paid



Article 11 - Delivery

11.1 The products are delivered to the delivery address specified by the buyer during the ordering process.

11.2 In case of items delivered at different dates given their availability or release date, delivery time is based on the longest delay. This means that if orders contain coming soon products or preorder products at different dates, the order will be delivered when all the products will be available.

11.3 The seller cannot be held responsible for consequences due to delayed delivery.

11.4 The seller cannot be held responsible for loss of a command assigned to a carrier such as La Poste.

11.5 Conditions for dispatch of pre commands Magic The Gathering. Since 1 February 2013, release date of publishing Gatecrash, it is now forbidden to ship pre orders before the official day of release. Our package will leave pre orders so as of now official release date of Magic The gathering extensions.

11.6 Purchases made on our website are delivered in Switzerland or Liechtenstein mainly by post to the delivery address specified by the buyer, unless otherwise agreed.

11.7 Purchases made on our website can be delivered outside of Switzerland and Liechtenstein but to a limited list of countries proposed in Europe during the validation of the order, for example, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom by the Post Office or any other carrier (the choice is reserved to the seller) to the delivery address given by the customer, unless otherwise agreed.

11.8 The shipping costs are calculated as accurately, depending on the weight of the order and prevailing rates observed among carriers and are passed to the buyer. If estimation of shipping error on our site, the buyer will be notified immediately.

11.9 Overtaking delivery times may give rise to damages.

11.10 Responsibility for the goods passes to the purchaser upon receipt by the carrier.

11.11 An email will be sent to the buyer if the seller finds a delay related to the shipment of his order

11.12 The seller provides the buyer shipping several ways and also allows the removal of goods in store or at an event. The buyer will receive a confirmation to recover the order.



Article 12 - Reception and verification of the goods

12.1 The products are delivered to the address indicated by the buyer on the order form.

12.2 The buyer undertakes to check the condition of the goods upon delivery.

12.3 A complaint, detailed and documented on honor concerning defects found the delivered products must be made in writing within 24 hours of receipt by sending an email to the seller whether for a missing product, defective or damaged (the pictures to be attached in the email).

12.4 Any claim made after this time will be rejected and the seller shall be relieved of all responsibility.

12.5 Any packaging and / or damaged product must not be opened.

12.6 After verification, the seller will ship it or refund the purchaser's account the amount of the product concerned (no refund in cash unless payment via Visa and MasterCard), subject to the merits of the request of purchaser.



Article 13 - Delivery problems due to carrier

13.1 Any anomaly concerning the delivery (damage, missing product compared to the delivery order, damaged package, broken product ...) must be indicated on the delivery form of "explicit handwritten reserves", accompanied by the signature of the buyer.

13.2 The purchaser must confirm this problem by sending the carrier within 24 hours of the delivery date, the said claims by registered mail.

13.3 The buyer shall send a copy of this mail, mail, or email, to the seller.



Article 14 - Right of return

14.1 You have within a period of 7 days from the date of receipt of your order, a right to return, exchange or refund without penalty, except for shipping and return of products does not suit you (this clause does not apply in the case of cards to the unit, maps of lots and / or products with a discount).

14.2 You must get agreement from the seller to return the product by mail explaining the reasons or email back.

14.3 Items returned incomplete, open, damaged or soiled by the customer are not taken. The product must be in its original condition and complete for its resale in new condition, accompanied by the invoice and return agreement issued by the seller.

14.4 In this case, the shipping costs are at the buyer's expense (and Back Again)

14.5 The amount shall be charged (no refund in cash) within 7 days after receipt and inspection of goods and must be used in its entirety, over a period of 90 days. After this period, the credit score will definitely considered lost.

14.6 Returns sent to the seller's address indicated on the invoice.

14.7 In cases of unjustified refusal or unclaimed parcels without good reason, we will be forced to charge the shipping costs that have been caused. Mail and delivery companies charge sending and return of unclaimed goods.

14.8 The product returns due to simultaneous purchase in another trade is not accepted; an order can be canceled at any time prior to shipment.

14.9 All equipment unwrapped returns without authorization will be returned to the sender or simply refused. You must obtain a return agreement by email before you return.

14.10 The seller reserves the right to charge an amount equivalent to 15% of the product in case of non-compliance with the above rules.

14.11 The visuals present on our website are not binding. These visuals are displayed informational purposes only and are not always representative of the product. Unfortunately, the manufacturers change packaging, visual characteristics and their products and often without announcement. A refusal to improper visual merchandise will not be accepted if the product content meets the advertised description.

14.12 When a product is defective, it is exchanged against an identical product. You must inform us by email and get a return authorization for the product. The exchange is only possible case that the complete material in its original packaging. No exchange will be possible otherwise.



Article 15 - Warranty

15.1 The warranty is limited to manufacturing defects. All products that are defective are exchanged.

15.2 For any guarantee, the purchase invoice is mandatory, it cannot be considered without this document.

15.3 Any application must be written in detail (in support photos) in writing or by email. We will give you the confirmation response back.

15.4 No unwrapped product will be accepted without written confirmation from us in advance.

15.5 The provisions hereof may not deprive the buyer of the legal guarantee which obliges the seller to guarantee against all consequences of latent defects of the thing sold. The buyer is expressly informed that the seller is not the manufacturer of the products sold with respect to liability for defective products. Consequently, in case of damage to a person or property by a defect in the product, only the responsibility of the manufacturer of it could be sought by the buyer, on the basis of the information on the packaging of the product.



Article 16 - Liabilities

16.1 The products comply with European or Swiss legislation. The seller's liability can be incurred for non-compliance with the legislation of the country where the products are delivered. It is your responsibility to check with local authorities the possibilities of importation or use of products or services you plan to order.

16.2 The photographs and reproduced and texts illustrating the products are not contractual. Consequently, the seller's liability can be incurred in case of error in one of these photographs or one of these texts.

16.3 The seller cannot be held liable for breach of contract in case of shortage, product unavailability, disruption, strike or force majeure. Neither party will have failed in its contractual obligations, insofar as their execution is delayed, hindered or prevented by a fortuitous event or force majeure. Will be considered fortuitous event or force majeure any compelling facts or circumstances, outside parties, unpredictable, unpreventable, independent of the will of the parties and which cannot be prevented by them, despite all reasonable efforts The party affected by such circumstances shall notify the other within 48 hours following the date on which it becomes aware. Both parties will then, within 7 days, unless unable due to force majeure, to examine the impact of the event and agree the conditions under which the contract will be continued. If the force majeure lasts more than 30 days, these terms may be terminated by the injured party.

16.4 Explicitly, are considered as force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances beyond those usually retained by the law: blockage of means of transportation or supplies, strikes, natural disasters, wars, fires, storms, floods, lightning, stop telecommunication networks or difficulties specific to the external telecommunications networks or any other event preventing the production or transportation of products.

16.5 The seller will be liable for all damages because of present, trading loss, loss of profit, loss of opportunity, damages or expenses.



Article 17 - Governing Law and Jurisdiction

17.1 These Terms and Conditions are governed by Swiss law.

17.2 In case of dispute, the courts of the Canton of Vaud will be competent.



On erroneous interpretation, only the French version shall prevail. 

The buyer states have full legal capacity to engage under these terms.